Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tastes can change

  As I sit here smoking a rather copious bowl of Virginia / Perique flake and listening to dixieland jazz, I can't help but think that 10 years ago, I never would have seen this coming. My taste in tobaccos back then was mired in aromatics and Burley blends, and my taste in music was well outside of acoustic. Now I still enjoy a bowl filled with a good Burley cube cut, or Lane 1-Q, and Electronic and trance music still have a home on my playlist, but neither is a dominant force anymore. Is it age? Is it experience?  Is it some cultural shift that we all experience? There's only one answer that is universally correct when it comes to a shift in preference. It goes for me , you, and anybody either of us know. Who cares? Seriously, does it matter WHY we like something different? I don't believe it does. There's no accounting for taste, after all.

  The point of all of this chicanery is, maybe it's time to try something again that you might not have liked so well in the past. Who knows? It could be an eye-opening experience. The first time I reviewed this particular Va/Per, I hated it. Now, it's one of my go-to blends. You might feel the same way about an old album that you once regretted buying, a dish that you didn't care for in your youth, or the acting talent of Steve Guttenburg. O.K. I'm sorry. Nobody's going to spontaneously think that Steve Guttenburg can act. Outside of that, anything's possible.

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