Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The delight and terror of blending your own.

I have a small Hermetic jar simply labeled "English". When I have a non-aromatic blend that just doesn't quite cut it, for one reason or another, in to this jar it goes. The first was far too strong, the next, too pungent, Then too mild, and so on. An English blend only requires a strong base of Orientals, and hopefully a good portion of Latakia, so it all works out in the end. I have managed to balance a tasty and dark blend in this manner, adding some blending Latakia to the mix every now and again, when it gets too light for my taste. Delight!
  Now, the terror. As the jar gets more and more full, I find it harder to actually BLEND said blend. Simply shaking and rolling the jar is no longer possible to mix the interred leaves. I have taken to stirring it with a dowel, but alas, this morning I find it quite insufficient. While smoking my customary morning bowl, I found the flavor pleasantly spiced with copious light Orientals. At first. then a brief period of quite strong spice, then several minutes of pure black Latakia, and finally, at the base of the pipe, all the flavors hit ma at once and changed dramatically. It might seems exciting to experience these layers of flavor. A gobstopper pipe, you may say, but it wasn't. While trying to relax with a morning smoke, it's downright disappointing. Maybe I need a paint-can shaker like they have at the hardware store....

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