Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Long time gone. Oh, and two different so-so blends.

I haven't had much keyboard time lately, and I know that you're all torn up about it. Wait for the laugh......and continue. Now while I will USUALLY dedicate an article to one individual blend, neither of these seem do deserve a dedicated spotlight. Neither were great, neither were terrible, they were just....there.

  Cherry Bonbon: This blend started life as Stokebye's wonderful black cavendish, (which is mild, mellow, and delicious by itself) and then they flavored the hell out of it. It smokes easily, it's fanciful, it's tasty, and you'll be washing the sickeningly sweet smell of cherries out of your hair for a day and a half. You take the good with the bad, I suppose. I'm exaggerating the smell, but it is EXTREMELY sweet smelling.

  Mocha: There are so many blends labeled mocha, that I'm not sure which one Cigars Ltd. carries. It's not bad, it smokes well, has a pleasant room note (like coffee and vanilla) and a mellow flavor. All in all, it's a real feast for the senses, just not the senses you'd expect. In the pouch, it smells like fine coffee candy, and feels like spun velvet. I almost don't want to lite it on fire. All of that adds up to a totally mediocre smoke.

In conclusion, these weren't bad smokes, I just didn't have alot to say about either. I may keep some Mocha on hand, as my wife seems to like the smell, but the Cherry Bonbon isn't something I'll be getting more of any time soon.
  Tune in next time (which hopefully will be soon) because I've got a whole variety of flake tobaccos to investigate, and more pipe-wise educational topics to tackle!

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