Friday, June 17, 2011

Villager 1888 Late Night

It took me a while to figure this on out. It's a partial flake, made of Virginias and black cavendish, and flavored with Irish whiskey. It sounds good right? and it is, but only if you smoke it right. Flake tobaccos are unique in that they give the smoker a myriad of options for preparation. MOST flakes are best when worked to the level of fineness the smoker prefers, and then dried for an hour or so before loading the pipe. Not this one. In the spirit of convenience, they packed this in the tin at the optimal level of smokability . I tried working it to a finer consistency (which I usually prefer) and it was unpleasant. I let it dry for a while, and it burned too hot. Finally, I gave up the fancy stuff, retreating to a "Fold and Stuff" tactic, and presto! A wonderful smoke. It's surprisingly not as sweet as other Virginias, or cavendish, but mild and refined. The room note is pleasant and sweet, and also the only place one might detect any evidence of whiskey. I certainly couldn't TASTE whiskey. A good all day smoke, nothing extraordinary, but certainly not lacking anything either.

  Out of the three blends from Villager, this is the most mellow. Early Day is pungent and smokey (as an English blend should be) and Mid Day is.... well, I'll tell you about it next time.

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