Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Villager 1888 Mid Day

"A mixture of double steamed black Cavendish, blended with Burley, Oriental, and light Virginia tobaccos.  A delightful aroma and top note vanilla and exotic fruit make this a mild and pleasant smoke in the early afternoon."
  If you were at the memorial day party at the ranch, This is what smelled so good.  Now you all know my secret. If you weren't there, if you didn't smell it, I'm not sure where to start describing it. That "exotic fruit" seems to be mostly coconut, and "mild and pleasant" pretty much nails the flavor. I actually had people yell at me because it smelled so good!  There's very little I can say about this besides how wonderful it is! If you're lucky enough to find it (a tin runs about $6.50. The cheapest tinned tobacco EVER) just buy one. I think the whole line of Villager is great, but this one takes the cake. That's why I saved it for last.  I'm not into the sugary sweet stuff as much any more, but this is so mild that it doesn't bug me enough to put me off. It's GREAT around other people, because everyone seems to like the smell. If you're not really a pipe smoker smoker, but WANT to look dignified, get yourself a glossy black pipe (always stylish) and a tin of this (tins just make you look classy) and light with a match. Within no time, people will be asking where you attended finishing school. Don't tell them the truth. As a matter of fact, fuck the truth. If wanted the truth they wouldn't have asked such a stupid question.
  Sorry. I'm a little off track. Got some bad medical news from my mechanic, and it has me in a mood. Guess WHICH mood, and win a prize! See y'all next time, when I may just admit I was way off about something I already reviewed.

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  1. This stuff is really great I picked up a tin this month. My new favorite smoke!