Saturday, February 4, 2012

My new hero.

A recent experience with A website finally has me off my rear, and putting up a new post.
  I've ordered several times from, without any issue. My most recent order arrived with two obviously different tobacco blends having the same label. A simple mistake that anyone could make. I knew what I ordered, and knew that one was a Virginia blend, and one a burley, but my nose just wasn't up to snuff to determine which was which. I decided to call customer service, and they handed the phone over to Russ Oullette, who blends Hearth and Home tobaccos. He quickly straightened me out with a simple description of what the burley blend looks like. Apparently, if there's a problem with one of his own blends, he just handles it himself!
  If you haven't tried Hearth & Home tobaccos, I strongly recommend it.I've sampled 9 of their blends so far, and I guess that I should start reviewing them soon, because they make almost everything I've written about so far pale in comparison. I've been finding more time to smoke my pipe lately, so there's really no reason to shy away from writing about it.  Just this morning I was smoking my first bowl of Hearth & Home "Old Companion", and loving every puff.
   I won't have time to write more for over a week, but more will be coming. I just wanted to take an opportunity to share my fantastic experience with, and thank my new hero of blending AND customer service, Russ Oullette!

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