Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Came and Went

Yesterday was international pipe smoking day, and it was just over too fast. I smoked 3 different blends, in three different pipes, and all of them were ho-hum, at best. That's what I get for trying new things: joy mingled with disappointment. They were all house blends from pipesandcigars.com, under their house brand name: Hearth and Home. I've sampled some truly wonderful blends from them, and some that I didn't care for at all, but that's true of all tobacco companies. The three I tried yesterday fit into neither category.
  The first was called "LJ Heart Burley" a blend made specificly for pipe maker Lannes Johnson, who selected this mixture to send as a sample to his pipe customers. In their own words, it's "Two different types of nutty Burley are laced with an unusual cube cut Virginia and a Burley-based natural toasted Black Cavendish for a splash of non-flavored sweetness." In my words, it's a somewhat mild, extremely dry blend that produces a decent amount of smoke with very little flavor. I've smoke several bowls of this, as of this date, and my opinion hasn't changed. It's not BAD, per say, but not something I'll seek out to buy more of.
  The needs of family call, so I'm off, but hopefully I'll find time to send up the rest of my ho-humbug soon.

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