Tuesday, February 1, 2011

965, From Cigars Ltd.

As I take the lid off of my humidifier, I become aware of what I can only describe as a dark aroma. I am aware of the latakia in the blend, but that is not the source of what I smell. Indescribable. After I pack and light the bowl, I realize that the smell of the smoke is actually remarkably similar to the smell of the raw blend itself, certainly not an ordinary trait. I puff too frequently, and the bowl is already hot. Slow down and enjoy it. It is a real feast for the senses. The smell, the taste, the mellow sense of being that seems to accompany it. It is a quite strong tobacco, more so than anything else I have sampled thus far. Uh oh, I've slowed down too much and almost extinguished it. Maybe next time I'll wait until I've finished a bowl before commenting on it.
  I've been told that this blend strongly resembles Dunhill's 965 "My Mixture", but I've never sampled it, or any other tinned tobacco, for that matter. This is definitely not for the faint-hearted, or casual aromatic-loving smoker. I also don't envision my wife wanting to cuddle up to me while the wreath of pungent smoke this produces is still hanging about me. It doesn't have that wet tire-fire aroma of a dark English blend, but it is sill definitely darker, more earthy than others may delight in.
  Smoking this blend seems to produce a euphoric, almost giddy, sensation in me, and I begin to see why Dunhill is able to charge so much for a tin of their brand of it. I find myself quite pleased that I can obtain a two ounce pouch from Cigars Ltd. for a mere $8.50, compared to a name-brand tin at an outrageous cost for a 50 gram tin. My complements to the blender.

  Though, this isn't something I could smoke too often, for fear the euphoric sensation might dull with time.

Tune in next time when I will explore Cigar Ltd.'s "Pipe Dream", which they assure me is form Hardwick's own recipe!

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