Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pipe Dream, as offered by Cigars Ltd.

I was fortunate enough to have a large supply of pipe dream on hand when Hardwicks went out of business. So fortunate, in fact, that it lasted me until last month, when I discovered that Cigars Ltd. had what they claimed was the same blend. They weren't lying. I had just enough left to sample the old and the new side by side. My palate may not be as complicated and discerning as some, but I actually could not detect a difference between the old and the new. Maybe they really are exactly the same. Maybe I just WANT it to be the real thing so badly, that I'm not willing to question it. The end result is the same, and I'm perfectly happy with that.
  I realize that I may not be very impartial in my analysis of this tobacco, because of the emotional investment I've just disclosed. This was the first tobacco I ever tried that I really loved. When I can't decide what specific blend I'm in the mood for, I reach for pipe dream. I'm not saying it's the best of all possible blends, but I am saying that there's never a time when it's not great. A fine blend for the beginner and the veteran pipe smoker alike, I'm overjoyed that it hasn't disappeared from the landscape.
   In addition to being fun to smoke, because of how easy it is to produce thick, velvety clouds of smoke, it is cool-burning, sweet, and fragrant. The raw tobacco has a tart, sweet scent, indicating it's overall tone. The smoke is far more fragrant that many aromatics I have sampled, and pleasant, delicate taste holds flavor to nearly the bottom of the bowl. If I were to grade this tobacco on my own likes and tastes(which I suppose I should, otherwise, what's the point of reviewing?), It would be a strong "A". Quite near the top of my own preferences, but depending on my mood, I MAY reach for something different.

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