Thursday, February 10, 2011

Higland Whiskey, fron Perfect Blend.

I gotta be honest, I'm a little distracted, but I'm gonna TRY to stay focused.
This blend is a little too sweet, and burns a little hot. It's not enough to keep me away from it, and both of those points are pretty common for alcohol scented tobaccos. I would crumble a bit of latakia into the whiskey blend I would get from Hardwicks, and I remember that mellowing it out just perfectly. If I could FIND latakia around this town, I would do the same to this.
  With all that said, it's an interesting, easy smoke. It's got a pleasant aroma (assuming you like whiskey in the first place) and it stays lit with the least attention possible. It's flavor is near incorruptible as you reach the bottom of the bowl, and apart from the sweetness, seems mild and manageable. A good smoke for a beginning pipe smoker, or anyone who prefers the scent of scotch.
  I realize the description is short, but let that be a testament to the beautiful simplicity of this blend. I'd give it a B+, possibly an A with some latakia.
  Tune in next time, when I'll review a pipe smoker's basic vernacular! (types and qualities of base tobaccos, cures, and aromatic casings.)

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