Monday, February 7, 2011

Nougat, as offered by Cigars Ltd.

It was dry to begin with. The tobacco had been allowed to sit unhumidified too long, and it was dry. That MAY have been the initial problem. It smoked too hot, and wasn't very pleasant. After a week in the humidifier, it brightened up a bit, and while I am still not overjoyed with the flavor, the aroma of the smoke is quite pleasant indeed.
  This is a Burley and Cavendish blend, lightly cased with vanilla and chocolate. Sounds awesome, right? I guess that depends on your taste. I couldn't detect chocolate or vanilla in the scent, nor the taste.Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it was just past it's prime. I may be persuaded to try again in a month or two, and I'll see if a fresh batch changes my mind.
  Perfect Blend Cigars also carries a blend called Nougat. Maybe I'll pick up some of that and see how they stand up to each other. Is that a good idea? My overall impressions of this were poor, but I've had worse. It's something that I wouldn't mind smoking around my friends, when my focus isn't solely upon my pipe, and the flavor isn't as important. As I said, the smoke is pleasingly fragrant, and at least company should warm up to it.

Tune in next time when I'll FINALLY look at something from Perfect Blend in the tower district: Highland Whiskey. (My guess is that it will fair better, I'm already loving the smell of the pouch.)

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